Year: 2011
Country: Denmark / Sweden / France / Germany
Genre: Drama / Sci – Fi
Director: Lars von Trier

Mark: 1 to 5 [5]

Plot: “Let us get it over with right away. The end of Lars von Trier’s film ‘Melancholia’. Everybody dies. Not just the guests at the grand wedding held in the first part of the film at an ever-so-romantic castle surrounded by a golf course. And not just all life on Earth. For in the world evoked by the Danish film maker this time, we are absolutely alone in the universe. So what ends in our planet’s cosmic embrace with the ten times bigger planet, Melancholia, is life as such and our recollection of it.
No ending could be more final. And, as Trier remarks with a black humour germane to him: ‘In a way, the film does have a happy ending’.”

Personal View: Awesome movie, with a wonderful landscape views. Different [of course] of others movies that talk about this subject, normally putting the U.S.A. as heroes of the world and always with a happy-nice ending, with people crying and thinking how emotional was the ending scene, of a probably kiss between the hero and the good girl, something that doesn’t make you think at all.
But this one makes you thing about several things, as you can die tomorrow, or in a seconds while reading this post, or after, and also thinking in a case ‘if I was living this situation’. Justine [Kirsten Dunst], feels things and knows things, as the 10 times bigger than the Earth, the planet Melancholia gets closer, her state of melancholia also gets bigger and bigger, saying things that they need to know, even in a maybe brutal way, but also gives comfort to her family. This movie makes you think a lot about accomplished things in your life, who would you spend the real last moments and stay together, holding hands in a magical cave waiting for the certain end of the world. This passes a human side of the situation, a conformism that it will end, has nothing else to do but waiting, because you are not a hero. Awesome!

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