Ward No 6

Ward No 6
Year: 2009
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama
Director: Karen Chakhnazarov

Mark: 1 to 5 [2]

Plot: The film is a screen version moved to the present of the mysterious, paradoxical and disturbing story by Chekhov, which can be called the most pessimistic and also the most life-asserting work of the author. The story is based on a real life incident and centers around the head doctor of an asylum who winds up as the asylum patient. Lonely, estranged, reflecting Doctor Andrey Ragin is one of the focal characters in the work of Chekhov and the entire world literature of the 20th century.

Personal View:
I went to see this movie with some thought that this would be real thriller, the promise was that this story was the most thriller of Chekhov, but wasn’t, not it all was just too way to common. Weak.

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